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Valentine’s Day is a big day for your customers. It’s all about the roses, poetry, and more importantly, a romantic meal!

It’s the time of year when millions of couples are eagerly looking up local Valentine’s Day restaurant dining options. Valentine’s Day is also one of the busiest days for restaurants in the US (just behind Mother’s Day).

This Valentine’s Day, your customers may have no other option but to stay home. Yet, it doesn’t mean we can’t make it special or enjoyable! Let’s help your customers and their special someone to enjoy a romantic dinner from the comfort of their homes.

Valentine's day dinner at home

Get ready for a large number of Takeout & Delivery orders

1. Make sure restaurant is in full capacity

You want to make sure your restaurant has enough ingredients to cook and also there are enough staff to handle the food orders on this day!

(The expected sales boost on Valentine’s Day might not apply to all restaurants, please also refer to restaurant’s performance in the previous years. )

2. Set extra prep time for online orders during peak time

As your restaurant would receive a lot more orders in queue this Valentine’s Day, you might want to add extra prep time especially during peak hours (e.g. 5pm – 8pm) so your customers could be aware of the longer waiting time as well.

3. Hide those less popular menu items that require longer prep time

You might want to offer limited menu items or specific dish size on this day to make sure your kitchen staff provide the best possible output.

4. Allow reservation in advance to avoid disappointment

By default, our online ordering system allows customers to place orders 5 days in advance and the order will be sent immediately to the restaurant so you could plan well ahead.

Some restaurants might have requested to change their settings in the past not to allow future orders. Some do accept future orders but may not receive the orders immediately.

Please make sure to contact us to resume default settings should you wish to allow your customers to place orders in advance.

For the above point 2 – 4, please contact our support team ahead of time to get them all set for you.

What can you do to stand out on this romantic reservation occasion?

Here are a few ideas: 

1. Create a Valentine’s Day menu for two

Impress your customers with a special menu so they could impress their other half. A 3-course set menu with a meaningful Chinese dish Dragon & Phoenix? Or a catering option with Lover’s Sushi Boat?

We leave you to decide but please make sure to send us the menu should you wish us to promote it for you 🙂

2. Upgrade your beverage menu

Your customers might fancy a bubbly drink to go with their romantic dinner. If you wish to post your alcoholic menu to your website, please make sure to contact us in advance to sign the ALCOHOL MARKETING & SALES AGREEMENT before we could post up your alcohol menu.

3. Special Valentine’s Day offerings

Provide your customers with some freebies for example if they order over $80? A cash discount if they purchase over $100? Or offer your customers a gift card?

Take time to brainstorm, we are sure you will come up with the perfect ideas that fit your business the best.

Should you wish to offer special promotional offers on this day, we are happy to spread this great news to your customers!

Romantic dinner