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Customers love the website and they really enjoy ordering from Chinese Menu Online. I particularly like that we, as restaurant owners, take control of payment ourselves, unlike other platforms we used before, where I easily lost track of my actual earnings.


David Zhu
China Palace, Chicago


I can see significant sales increment after using their service and it is true that the business is indeed better than when we used another company. I believe Chinese Menu Online is a well-known brand, and they place quite a lot of advertisments, so there are more orders.


Mr. Lin
Golden Wok, Plantation


I have experienced the Best Customer Support in Chinese Menu Online! Their customer service agents are super kind and proactive. Everytime I call them and leave a voice message to explain my request, they always call me back after.


Ms. Cai
Chinese Guy, Miami


We love Chinese Menu Online people! They are professional and helpful. Every time if I have some problem and called, they will resolve the issues quickly.


Lily Li
China Lily, Ocoee


Chinese Menu Online does a very good job, with good customer service and convenient communication. Problems can always be resolved immediately and effectively. Customer support is the most critical part (when choosing an online ordering service provider.) If you want a reliable partner, look no further!


Great Wall, Rock Island


Chinese Menu Online is a really good company, and their Customer Service is top-notch. Also, customers who place orders (from the website they built for us) always come to pick up.


Ms. Liu
New Number 1, Ferrell Pkwy


Our restaurant joined Chinese Menu Online in the very early stage. Over the years, we have also witnessed the rapid growth of this company and the continuous improvement of its services. The requirements we asked will always be met to the greatest extent possible. I’d say this is a win-win situation at the end of the day.


Red 8, Spanish Fork


One word to describe Chinese Menu Online, that is “Excellent!” In two words, that will be “Absolutely Excellent!” I hope you guys keep up with the Good Work! I have worked with this company for many years and never had any issues. Their service is really good. This is a compliment from the heart.


Mr. Wang
Hibachi China 88, Garner

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