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We have a phone number verification put in place to make sure all phone numbers are real.

If you are getting fake/fraudulent orders placed by a customer, we can have them blocked by our system to prevent the customer from placing orders again in the future. We can block this person’s email address, phone number and address from placing online orders again.

For orders to be paid in the store at the time of pickup, if the email address looks suspicious or if it is a first-time customer, you may want to call the customer first to double check the order.

We also suggest you to limit payment option to pay online by credit card if the email address looks fake or suspicious. Also, we can allow only registered customers to place online orders, or if it is not a registered customer, you may want to call the customer first to double check the order before preparing the food, especially if it is a large order. Always be cautious when a large order comes in late at night. We recommend that you always contact the customer for a large order to make sure if the order is genuine. If the order looks suspicious, do not prepare the food until we can reach the customer by phone first.

We highly recommend restaurant to use Online Credit Card Payment, in this case, the restaurant payment processor can verify customer’s payment info and make sure that restaurant will get paid.