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Orders Management

How do I receive customer orders?

Your can receive orders via the following ways: fax, email, SMS (Text Message Notification with a link to view the Order), web based interface (via any Web Browser on any Device, optimized for Tablets), direct to printer* and CMO Order App**. You can choose multiple methods and change order receiving methods any time.

*Direct to Printer (Auto Print) requires installation of Order Monitor Software (This software is compatible with computers running Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10).

**CMO Order App via Apple App Store (IOS) or Google Play Store (Android), optimized for tablets. (Apps available for tablet or smartphone)

To use our CMO order apps, please download the app from the link below:

For Android

For iPhone

What if my fax machine / printer isn’t located where staff can see the orders?

No problem. We offer automated phone calls and/or SMS text message notifications to alert you of new orders. The text messages include the order information as well.

Can I receive the orders in Chinese?

Yes. We can add Chinese to the dish names on the menu for you. Please provide us the Chinese names in word doc format.

How do I know when I get an order?

Every time you receive a new order, you will receive an automated notification phone call to let you know you have a new order, press “any key” before you hang up on the call. If you don’t press the key before hanging up, our system will detect notification failure and will attempt to resend phone notification again.

Can I disable the phone notifications? The phone rings constantly when there are too many orders.

We can disble the phone notification, however, we do not recommend this because it’s very easy to overlook an order without the phone alert. We can reduce the the number of attempts to call your restaurant.

If you are receiving more online orders than you can handle, we can limit the number of orders being served every 30 minutes.

Are customers required to create an account before ordering?

By default, no. But you can set it as requirement.

What information is shown on the order?

Order details include items & quantities, order created time & due time, order type (pickup/delivery), payment methods, and customer contact details.

Is there any way to change the order sheet layout?

Yes, please contact us so we can make the adjustment for you.

How do I know when the order needs to be ready?

Order Due Time is shown on the order sheet. Customers can choose the earliest available time or schedule for a later time to receive the orders. Normally, system default setting for pickup order preparation time is 25–30 mins, and delivery order preparation time is 55–60 mins. Please contact us if you require more or less time to prepare the orders.

I need more time to prepare orders during peak hours, how do I set that?

We can set increased or reduced preparation time for both pick-up and delivery orders during certain times of the day. Please contact us and we can make the adjustment for you.

Can my customers place orders up to the last minute of closing?

By default, our system would allow you enough time to prepare last order before closing. However, you can change the last order time up to your closing time or any time you prefer. If your last order time is 15 mins before closing, and if the customer places the order 10 mins before closing, our system will alert the customer the next available time would be the next business day.

Can I set last order time for delivery order earlier than last order time for pick up order?

Yes, we can set it for you. By default, last order for delivery is 30 mins earlier than pick up order.

Can I stop receiving orders during afternoon rest time?

You can let us know your break time and we can set it up so customers won’t be able to place orders during your break time.

How far in advance can my customers place an order?

By default, our system allows customers to place order up to 7 days in advance. We can increase or decrease the number of days at your preference. We can also limit future orders within the same day or completely disable future orders so customer cannot schedule any advance order.

Do I get notified immediately for a Future Order?

By default, our system will send all orders to you upon receipt. If it’s a future order, a warning message will be shown in order sheet with the wording “Future Order”. Please pay attention of the order due time when you see the warning.

My customer placed a future order for next week but I have not received it?

If you have opted out of receiving future orders immediately upon order placement, we hold off sending you the order until typically within an hour before due time. If you would like to receive future orders immediately upon order is placed, please let us know and we will set it up for you.

What should I do when customer wants to make changes on the order?

If the food preparation has not started yet, let us know so we can make the changes on the order and we can resend the updated order to you. If it has already passed the last order time, or the updated order total amount does not meet the minimum amount criteria, we would not be able to update the order.

However, if the credit card payment has already been processed online for the order, CMO is not able to process partial refund (for example for missing item or removing an item from the order), customer has to contact the restaurant directly to request partial refund.

How can I cancel an order?

If customer cancels an order or the order cannot be fulfilled, simply contact us by phone, email, fax or Wechat and we will cancel the order for you.

Please do not ask the customers to call our support phone line, our support phone line is dedicated to serve restaurants only. When your customers call us to cancel orders, we can’t verify if they have already informed you or not. We cannot cancel the order until we can confirm with you that the order has been cancelled.

If the order payment was processed online by credit card, CMO can issue a refund redirectly from your account on our system, there is no need for you to login to your merchant account to process the refund.

Would I get charged if the order is cancelled?

No, we will not charge you for any cancelled order. Please inform us of any order cancellation within 48 hours to avoid adjustment after receiving your invoice.

What should I do when I could not reach the customer by phone to pick up the order?

We can email the customer on your behalf and ask them to contact your restaurant or see if they respond to our emails.

Do I get compensation for no show orders?

For new customers paying at time of pick up, we recommend restaurants to call the customer before preparing food. No show is very rare, however we cannot be responsible for the loss.

How do I prevent no show or fake orders?

We have a phone number verification put in place to make sure all phone numbers are real.

If you are getting fake/fraudulent orders placed by a customer, we can have them blocked by our system to prevent the customer from placing orders again in the future. We can block this person’s email address, phone number and address from placing online orders again.

For orders to be paid in the store at the time of pickup, if the email address looks suspicious or if it is a first-time customer, you may want to call the customer first to double check the order.

We also suggest you to limit payment option to pay online by credit card if the email address looks fake or suspicious. Also, we can allow only registered customers to place online orders, or if it is not a registered customer, you may want to call the customer first to double check the order before preparing the food, especially if it is a large order. Always be cautious when a large order comes in late at night. We recommend that you always contact the customer for a large order to make sure if the order is genuine. If the order looks suspicious, do not prepare the food until we can reach the customer by phone first.

We highly recommend restaurant to use Online Credit Card Payment, in this case, the restaurant payment processor can verify customer’s payment info and make sure that restaurant will get paid.

Can I get a report on how many orders I receive everyday?

Yes, please let us know and we will send you an End of the Day Summary at the end of each day.

What should I do when customers ask for extra food in the Special Instruction on the order sheet?

Any request for additional items or special preparation in the special instruction may incur an extra charge not calculated on the online order. The restaurant is not obliged to give extra food for free just because they ask for it. Please contact the customers to agree on the extra cost.

We can also create add-ons (additional options to purchase, e.g. extra chicken for $2) in your menu so customers have the option to add extra items to the order, the extra cost will be applied to the order amount.

Website & Menu

How to update info on the website?

We will do all the website update for you! To update your opening hours, add an announcement, set holiday closing, change your delivery information, add photos, update prices, or order payment options, please contact us.

We can immediately update any website info mentioned above except a complete new menu update. Should you need to change the entire menu, please send us the menu 48 hours in advance.

Can I set minimum order amount differently for pickup and delivery order?

Yes, we can set it for you!

Can I set different business hours for pickup and delivery?

Yes, we can do that for you!

What if we close the store for holiday?

Contact us! Whenever you would like to set different opening hours for your restaurant or to close on a specified date or a certain period of time, please contact us in advance so we can set holiday hours accordingly on your website. It is important that you inform us any change of opening hours to avoid customer negative feedback or complaint.

How is the delivery zone set?

We can set your delivery area by choosing one of these 3 methods:
1. within a radius of this many miles from your store location;
2. for specified zip codes;
3. by drawing on map to specify irregularly shaped delivery zones.

I don’t want to offer delivery to a specific area, can I exclude that area?

We can draw on map to specify the area you do deliver, or we can block orders from specific towns or street names.

Can I put more than one menu on the website?

Yes, we can set unlimited menus for your restaurant. For example, some restaurants set Main Menu and Lunch Menu separately. For those which offer different cuisines, we also set different menus.

Can Chinese Menu Online update the menu for me?

Yes, definitely! And we will do it for free. Please send us your menu via email:, via Fax: (800) 353-6741, or WeChat:cmo8887668882.

The price on the customer’s order is wrong, how can I update that?

You can inform us of the wrong price or send us your new menu via fax, WeChat, or email and we will update it for you

Can I add photos on my menu items?

Yes, we highly recommend it! Adding photos will attract more customers.
You can send the photos to us with dish names labeled on each picture and we will upload the photos for your menu items.

Can I create coupons, specials or discounts for my customers?

Yes, we can set almost any kinds of coupons for your restaurant, e.g. $ off, % off, free items, etc.

We can also set special offers for targeted groups to help you attract new customers or reward loyal customers. Plus you can add restrictions such as having to purchase certain items or meet certain requirements in order to use them.

Can I use the domain name that I have purchased for my restaurant to take orders?

Yes, please contact us and we will help you to set it up with your domain registry.

Can I integrate my own website with your ordering feature?

Yes, please contact us and we will work it out for you.

Payment & Fees

Do customers pay directly to me or you collect payment on my behalf?

We do not collect payments on your behalf. Restaurants will have to collect the payment from customers. If customers choose to pay online first with their credit cards, their payment can be processed online by your existing merchant account payment provider.

How do customers pay for their online orders?

Customer can pay
1. by Cash at time of Pickup or Delivery
2. by Credit Card at time of Pickup or Delivery
3. Pay Online directly to your existing merchant payment provider
You can choose the payment methods and we will set it up for you.

What are the benefits of using online payment processor?

1. Eliminate the need to manually enter credit card info / avoid typo error on POS Terminal.
2. Automatically processed, instant approval / declined.
3. Fast transaction speed.
4. Low risk of theft, no exposing customer full credit data on fax / print out.
5. Lower chance of no show order.

Do I need to sign up a new merchant account to use online payment processor?

If you are already accepting credit card payment at the store, please ask your merchant service provider to setup a payment gateway for you to take payment online. We only need the setting keys to help you start receiving payment online through your payment processor.

We can integrate with over 70 payment gateways so you can use your existing merchant account to process credit cards.

How to set up online payment processor?

1. Tell us which payment processor the restaurant is using.
2. Depending on the processor used, we will require restaurant to provide us the info needed in order to proceed with the integration setup (e.g. Merchant ID / API ID, some transactions keys).
** Please login to your payment process account to find this info, or ask your payment processor directly if you are not sure how.
3. Upon receiving the info, we will go ahead with the integration and run some tests before going live.

What if the payment provider is not on the list?

Most merchant account providers can work with one of the above gateways. For example, if they are on TSYS they can use TransFirst. Or if they use Bank of America, they can use Most merchant account providers can work with one of the gateways listed.

Do you charge additional fee for payment integration?

We do not charge setup fee or anything extra to integrate with your payment gateway. However, your merchant account provider may charge an extra fee for certain payment gateways, so you will need to talk with your merchant account rep regarding the fees.

How long does it take to get setup?

Anywhere from instantly to a couple of days depending on your merchant account provider. Some give the necessary access in the online account, while others require the owner to fill out a form to enable it on the merchant account. Once you obtain the necessary information, all we need to do is enter the few pieces of information into your account in our system.

Is it easy for my customers to make online payment?

Yes! The customers will just see a typical credit card form on checkout and the credit card information is sent securely to your merchant provider for processing in real time.

What if the credit card transaction is declined?

If the credit card is declined, customer will be prompted for invalid card or transaction declined. They can try to use another card, but otherwise the order will not go through for declined transaction.

What happens if restaurant did not fulfill order, how can customer get refund?

Restaurant needs to confirm with CMO that the order has been cancelled before issuing refund.

CMO can issue refund from the console, there is no need for restaurant to login to the merchant account to process refund. However, CMO is not able to process partial refund (for example for missing item), customer has to contact the restaurant directly to request partial refund.

Is it PCI compliant?

Yes! Our solution uses a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the highest level of PCI DSS certification. So the entire transaction is PCI compliant.

If I don’t want to use online payment processor, can I receive customer’s credit card payment info to process payment at the store?

Yes, we can send the credit card information to you via password encrypted SMS or email. Alternatively you can log in to our app or our web based order link where you check the credit card payment information securely. Please process payment as soon as possible as the customer’s credit card information will be removed from our server after certain time. (Please note sms link is only valid for 24 hours)

Restaurant is required to make sure only authorized personnel have access to the password.

Can I charge customers for credit card processing fee?

Yes, you can set a fixed fee or a percentage for any order to be paid by Credit Card.

Can I set different Delivery Fees for different zones?


Can I set minimum order total differently for pickup and delivery orders?

Yes, we can set it for you.

When do I receive my invoice?

Invoice of previous month’s orders is sent between 1st to 5th every month.

How do I receive my invoice?

We can send you the invoice by Fax, Email, and SMS.

How do you calculate the commission fee?

We charge based on Food Subtotal. You will not be charged on tips, tax and delivery fees.

Can I pass the service fee onto my customers?

Yes, you can add a “convenience fee” (or whatever you’d like to call it) of any percentage or dollar amount onto your orders to offset the service fees we charge you.

How do I make payment for the invoice?

You can fill up last page of the invoice for autopayment and revert to us by email:, fax: +1 (888) 358-9088, or WeChat: cmo34910. Once autopayment is setup, you will still receive invoice and payment will be processed between 10th to 15th of the month.

What are the Invoice payment methods?

The most popular methods are credit card and bank account direct debit; however, feel free to take a picture of filled check and send to us for monthly payment. Please note we do not accept payment by Western Union nor MoneyGram.

I fail to open the invoice sent by sms, what can I do?

Invoice sent by SMS has a validity of 72 hours. Please request us to resend if necessary.

Is there a way to check my recent invoice and payment history?

We do not have this option available online yet but feel free to reach out to us and request.

I received a letter asking for website hosting payment, do I need to pay?

Scam Alert! We do NOT charge you anything else except the orders we send to you unless you have signed up for Optional Paid service. Please contact us to verify if you are unsure.

Where can I update the restaurant sales tax rate?

You can inform us the correct tax rate and we will update it for you.

Marketing & Advertising

How do you promote my business?

To begin with, we make sure your website is SEO friendly. In addition to submitting the website to Google My Business to drive traffic, we also submit your website to the top 20 directories including Yelp, Facebook, Zomato, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Menuism, Yellowpages, Bing Local and more.

We run Google Ads periodically as well as posting your coupons and promotion on your Google business listing.

Also, we help you boost your social media exposure, interact with your customers on Facebook and Instagram. We will also moderate your customers’ reviews across platforms to spread positive Word of Mouth for your business.

Can you set up Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter account for my restaurant?

Yes, we can do that for you.

I plan to run some promotion, can I put up coupons on my website?

Yes, discounts and coupons work on online ordering much like they do in your store. You can do a variety of discounts, either percentage or dollars off for either specific items or the entire order. You can set restrictions on the coupons for either money spent or number of times it can be used per purchase.

In short we can put up discount coupon or free item coupon with the ability to exclude certain food, apply to certain type of order, certain day and time, new or existing registered customers, and more.

Can I give discount to customers who pay by cash and not credit card?

Yes, we can do that for you.

Is there any report that I can check on coupon redemptions?

Yes, please contact us to request a coupon redemption report.

Can I get a list of the customer email addresses to send promotional email from time to time?

Yes, please contact us to request the customer list. We can also send out marketing email on your behalf for a small fee.

Can I find out which are the most popular items sold over the period?

Yes, please contact us to request a sales report.

Google Maps and Apple Maps are not showing the correct information on my restaurant listing, can you help me to fix this?

Yes, please contact us and we will help you to submit the correct information.

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