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During this time of uncertainty, we thank all our partner restaurants who continue to serve the community by remaining open for delivery and pickup.

We care about our restaurants. That’s why we continuously provide to restaurants with guidance on measures to take in order to help your employees and customers remain safe, including:

  • Curb-side Pickup/Leave at the Door Delivery: we encourage all restaurants to minimize contact with customers by providing No-Contact options.
  • Customized Delivery Area: restaurants can now decide Deliver or NOT Deliver to a specific area so as to protect your staff from area with known outbreak.
  • Printed QR Code:  we provide restaurants with a Printed QR Code to post at store window so that customers can easily scan from outside and place order online.

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, we now introduce Contactless Payment to allow customers’ payment goes directly to restaurants’ credit card payment processors.

How It Works:


Here are some benefits for using Online Payment Processors to take credit card payment:

  1. Reduce direct contact with customers.
  2. No need to manually enter credit card info / typo errors.
  3. Automatically processed, instant approval / declined.
  4. Fast transaction speed.
  5. Low risk of theft, no exposing customer full credit data on fax / print out.
  6. Low risk of no-show order.
  7. Our online transaction is PCI compliant.

Chinese Menu Online integrates with over 70 payment processors and restaurants can use your existing merchant account (Credit Card Payment Processor) to receive payment from customers directly.

How To Setup:

In order to proceed, please:

  1. Tell us which payment processor the restaurant is using.
    ** Please email us at or contact us via WeChat: cmo8887668882 for this matter.
  2. Depending on the processor used, we will require restaurant to provide us the info needed in order to proceed with the integration setup (e.g. Merchant ID / API ID, some transactions keys).
    ** Please login to your payment process account to find this info, or ask directly your payment processor If you are not sure how.
  3. Upon receiving the info, we will go ahead with the integration and run some tests before going live.

Chinese Menu Online does not charge any additional fee for setting the integration. However, restaurant’s payment processor might charge a per transaction fee. Restaurants can decide which processor to use for the integration.

We hope that the measures above mentioned will open up more opportunities for our partner restaurants to get through this critical time. Together, we are stronger.

Thanks again for your effort and support. Chinese Menu Online will continue to keep you informed as we take additional action.

We sincerely hope you, your employees, and your loved ones remain safe.

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