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As the spread of COVID-19 continues, we now introduce Contactless Payment to allow a customer payment to be handled directly by the restaurant’s own credit card payment processor.

Chinese Menu Online integrates with over 70 payment processors and restaurants can use your existing merchant account (Credit Card Payment Processor) to receive payment from customers directly.

Here’s how it works:

There are many advantages for restaurants in using their own Credit Card payment provider.

Here are some typical benefits:

  1. Reduce direct contact with customers
  2. No need to manually enter credit card info / typo errors
  3. Automatically processed, instant approval / declined
  4. Fast transaction speed
  5. Low risk of theft, no exposing customer full credit data on fax / print out
  6. Low risk of no-show order
  7. Online transaction is PCI compliant

To integrate with your Credit Card Payment Processor is effortless, and Chinese Menu Online does not charge even a penny for that.

In order to proceed, please:

  1. Tell us which payment processor the restaurant is using.
  2. Depending on the processor used, we will require restaurant to provide us the info needed in order to proceed with the integration setup (e.g. Merchant ID / API ID, some transaction keys).
    ** Please login to your payment process account to find this info, or ask directly to your payment processor if you are not sure how.
  3. Upon receiving the info, we will go ahead with the integration and run some tests before going live.

Frequently Asked Questions

To use contactless payment (online payment processor), do I need to sign up a new service?

If you are already accepting credit card payment at the store, please ask your merchant service provider to setup a payment gateway for you to take payment online. We only need the setting keys to help you start receiving payment online through your payment processor.

How to check if my payment provider is on the list?

Please scroll to the bottom or click here.

What if my payment provider is not on the list?

Most merchant account providers can work with one of the above gateways. For example, if your restaurant is on TSYS then your restaurant might be using TransFirst.

Or if your restaurant uses Bank of America, the gateway can be Most merchant account providers can work with one of the gateways listed.

Does CMO charge additional fees for payment integration?

CMO does not charge anything extra to integrate with restaurant’s payment gateway.

However, restaurant’s merchant account provider may charge an extra fee for certain payment gateways, so restaurant will need to talk with their merchant account rep regarding the fees.

How long does it take to get set up?

Anywhere from instantly to a couple of days depending on restaurant’s merchant account provider.

Some give the necessary access in the online account, while others require the owner to fill out a form to enable it on the merchant account.

Once the necessary information is obtained, all we need to do is to enter the few pieces of information into restaurant’s online ordering system.

Is it easy for my customers to make online payment?

Yes! Customers will just see a typical credit card form at the checkout and the credit card information is sent securely to restaurant’s merchant provider for processing in real-time.

What if the credit card transaction is declined?

If the credit is declined, customer will be prompted for invalid card or transaction declined. They can try to use another card, but otherwise the order will not go through due to the declined transaction.

What happens if restaurant did not fulfill order, how can customer get refund?

Restaurant needs to confirm with CMO that the order has been cancelled before issuing refund.
CMO can issue refund from the system console, no need for restaurant to login to the merchant account to process refund.
However, CMO is not able to process partial refund (for example for missing item), customer has to contact the restaurant directly to request partial refund.

Is it PCI compliant?

Yes! Our solution uses a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the highest level of PCI DSS certification. So the entire transaction is PCI compliant.

List of Payment Processors

Chinese Menu Online integrates with over 70 payment processors. However, we might need different information for different processors.

Please refer the table below to find out whether your processor is on the list and what info is needed in order to proceed.

Payment Processor Name Required Information
Acapture Entity Access Token
Adyen Merchant Account User Name Password
Authorize.Net API Login ID Transaction Key
Bambora (formerly Beanstream) Merchant ID User Name API Key Password
BluePay Account ID Secret Key
BlueSnap API user Name API Password
Braintree Merchant ID Public Key Private Key
BridgePay Username Password
CardConnect Merchant ID User Name Password
Cardstream Merchant ID Shared Secret
Cayan Merchant Name Merchant Site Merchant Key
CenPOS Merchant User Password Secret Key
Creditcall Terminal Transaction Key
CyberSource User Name Transaction Key
Diamond Mind Login Password
DIBS Merchant Secret Key
Elavon User PIN
Login Pem
First Pay Transaction Center Gateway
Forte Account Api Key Location Secret
Global Iris Merchant ID Sub Account General Credit Password Refund Password
Global Transport Global User Name Global Password
Heartland Payment Systems Secret Api Key
IATS Payments Agent Code Region Password
Ingenico ePayments (formerly GlobalCollect) Api Key Merchant Secret Api Key
IVeri App Cert
IXOPAY Username Api Key Password Secret
JetPay Login Region
JetPay V2 Login
Latitude19 Account Number Configuration Secret
MasterCard Payment Gateway Service (formerly TNS) Region Userid Password
Merchant Partners Account Merchant Pin
Mundipagg Api Key
NCR Secure Pay Username Password
NETbilling Account ID
NMI Login Password
Orbital (Chase Paymentech) Auth Mode (Default or Merchant id only) Login Merchant ID Password
PayConex Account Api Accesskey
Payeezy Api Key Api Token Api Secret
Payeezy (formerly GGE4) Gateway ID Hmac Key Key Terminal Password
PayFacto (formerly CT-Payment) Company Number Merchant Number Api Key
Payflow Pro Login Partner User Password
PayJunction Api Login Api Key Api Password
PayPal API Username API Password Signature
Paysafe (formerly Optimal Payments) Store Password
ProPay Cert Str
Quantum Login Password
QuickBooks Access Token Client Client Secret Refresh Token
Realex Merchant ID Sub Account General Credit Password Refund Password
SafeCharge Client Login Client Password
Sage Payment Solutions Merchant ID Number Merchant Key Number
SecureNet SecureNet ID Secure Key
Square Direct login to merchant account
Stripe Secret Key Publishable Key
TransFirst MerchantID RegKey
TransFirst Transaction Express Gateway Reg Key
TrustCommerce Login Aggregator Password
USA ePay Source Key
Vanco Client User Password
Vantiv (Mercury Payments) Merchant ID Web Service Password
Vantiv eCommerce (formerly Litle) Merchant ID User Password
Vantiv Express (formerly Element) Acceptor Account Application Application Name
VisaNet Peru Access Key Merchant Secret Access Key
WePay Account ID Client Number Access Token Client Secret
Windcave (formerly Payment Express) Login Password
Worldpay Acctid Subid Merchantpin